Black families in America experience higher rates of:

  • Unnecessary Cesarean Sections
  • Unnecessary Induction
  • Birth Trauma
  • Infant and Fetal Deaths

These disparities are due largely to discriminatory practices in the hospital and healthcare systems. They are also due to the lack of infrastructure, resources, institutions, and information designed to cater to the specific culture and needs of black families.

Brown Family Training Academy exists to close the gaps between birthing Black families and successful, satisfying birthing experiences.

Meet Shayla Brown

Genesis Birthing and Living Founder and Visionary

Shayla is s wife, a mother of 4 (with 1 on the way :-) and an advocate for natural birth options for black women.

Shayla has given birth naturally 4 times: Once in a hospital, twice at home with midwives and doulas, and once assisted only by her husband.

While Shayla acknowledges the obstacles against black women birthing, she does not accept them. Shayla has overcome enough of those obstacles to believe that with the help of God, access to knowledge, and strong support systems, trauma-free birth is abundantly available to black women.

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